A Visit from a Friend

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Last night a friend of Vy and mine stopped by our place. It was T, who is our high school friend, along with her husband K and their baby M. They had visited their relatives beforehand and thought of dropping by to hang out with us. It doesn’t seem so special to have friends visit us, but there is a reason I want to write about it. They remembered that we were nearby and wanted to see us. There’s a heartwarming feeling to know that someone thought about you and wanted to see you.

When we saw them a few weeks ago, Yuna and M. seemed to form a bond. We’ve been told she had been calling Yuna’s name when seeing other dogs, which is funny. M. is a very adorable and outgoing girl who wasn’t shy in front of us. I can tell T and K are very proud and love this kid a lot. At first, when meeting Yuna again, she was kinda hesitant to approach the dog but after half an hour or so, they were playing with each other. She was very interested in playing fetch with Yuna, and it was funny to see her throw the toy to Yuna’s face. M. is an active girl with so much energy. She is also curious about the little toys we have around the house.

We had a few snacks like the papaya salad, chicken wings, and flan cake for desserts while chatting about our upcoming trip to visit another high school friend. Both the conversation and the atmosphere are casual. We also showed them the meditation room and the office room. They seemed to like our office desks set up (Vy and I sit next to each other while we work).

There’s something special about being in company with friends. We get to talk and catch up with each other about random things in life. It was lovely to spend time with them. The older we get, the easier we lose touch, but the more we want to reminisce about old times. There are many friends I haven’t seen in a while. I miss them and probably should send them a hello soon.

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