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For quite a while, this site has been posted on Cloudflare Pages (before that it was on Github Page). I don’t really have any complaint about it as the uptime is great (perfect 100%).

I found out Sourcehut not long ago and the dedication for open source just clicks with me. This is why I decided to support the ecosystem by using their ecosystem to host the blog. I also found out how to move one git repo to another from a stackoverflow post. There is some clean up to do such as removing the config file for CircleCI as Sourcehut has their own build system, and hosting some CSS and JS files locally to respect Sourcehut limitations. The process is straightforward and not anger-inducing, which is nice.

I’m going to monitor the uptime of the page for some time to see whether it lives up to my expectation. Bye now.

Edited: Aug 11 2023

After a few hours, I found that Sourcehut limitations affect this site quite a bit, specifically the Services and Footprints page. The external APIs that I am using no longer works due to the CSP limitation. Not the end of the world, but kinda annoying. Now the Services page fails to show the live status and the Footprints page is not able to show the world map from Mapbox API anymore. I also can no longer customize the 404 page. Bummer.

Edited: Aug 16 2023

It turns out I’m more annoyed at the limitations than I thought. I have decided to move back to using Cloudflare Pages to host this site as it fits my use case more. SourceHut is still great though, and I’m considering hosting a few git repos there.

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