What would you be?

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I ran with my coworkers J. and E. today, and E. brought up this conversation once he saw a bird flying ahead of us. He pointed at it and said that if he were to be reincarnated, he would be that. But not just any bird; it has to be a predator so he can’t be easily hunted. I wanted to make sure I knew the reason, so I asked why he thought so, and he said so he could fly. I said I would be a pet, specifically a dog raised in a good family, so that I could be pampered and taken care of. J. mentioned he would be a cat, so he could stay close to humans. He wanted to be human still, but since we said humans don’t count, he quickly gave that answer. I told E. that Vy would like to be a wildflower, and he was so surprised by that answer. I jokingly said that I told Vy to beware of the dogs that would pee on her when they passed by. One of them could be me. We were running under a hot sun, and everyone was tired, but I immensely enjoyed this conversation. It brought out the inner kid within us. I’m not sure they felt the same, but that’s how I did. Just a few guys, who are presumably adults, discussing something so unrelated to work. Just writing about it puts a smile on my face.

Edited on: Aug 10, 2023

Okay, so I brought up this topic again during lunch today and got more interesting answers, so I decided to list them here for readers’ enjoyment. A few other animals that were mentioned are: Dolphin. Killer whale (sea mammal that is kinda on top of the food chain). Monkey (for someone who cannot be a human but want to be as close to them as possible). A tiger (another top of the food chain animal). Everyone wanted to make sure to have a high rate of survivability. I particularly like killer whales since they are both predators and cute. Another thing that was brought up is that when sea mammals grow old, they lose their muscles, and it might be hard for them to get to the surface for air. Their common way to die is drowning. Yeah, not so much a fun fact.

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