What I'm up to in September 2019

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Vy finally came back after doing internship in Hanoi. It has a brief yet long 3 months for us. We also moved in the new apartment and although it took a while, we reached to a point where everything was set up. We bought a new dining table, 2 chairs, a new bed and some other kitchen items. We did a lot of things together for the first time too like baking. Vy and I managed to successfully bake a coffee cake. We also decided to eat at home more and I started cooking a bit.

We spent quite a bit of money during this month as the cost of moving and buying things for the new place. As a result, I skipped one cycle of investing. Hopefully this will resume this coming month of October.

I did not run so much in September and my legs are getting itchy. Hopefully I’ll run again soon in the new area.

This upcoming month of October is the Cybersecurity Awareness Month, please spend sometime going over your online presence, updating your passwords. That’s all folks.

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