What I'm up to in August 2019

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This month has been busy. I have been learning more about self-hosting software and doing some tinkering with them.

Currently I am checking out these 2 subreddits:

These subs give me some motivation of creating my home server to store data and share with families and friends. But that will be the next step as I am using a cloud provider to do my hosting.

What I am hosting:

If you want to try out these services, let me know and I can give you access to them.

Moving on… I am still reading about finance this month. They are easy to understand and are a nice complement to the ones I read in July. I highly recommend these books.

Finally the biggest news, I am moving this upcoming September! I have been living at my current place for over four years. It suits well for a bachelor who is living alone. Now Vy is here with me, I want us to live someplace bigger and more comfortable. So it is exciting to move yet it is a little bit bittersweet as the current landlords are very nice people. Anyway, looking forward to the new place!

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