Recipes for a Tired Day

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Have you ever felt so exhausted at the end of the day that you fell asleep as soon as your head hit the pillow? I’m not talking about the usual kind of tired that comes from a long day at work or school. I’m talking about the kind of tired that makes your whole body feel heavy and your eyelids droop.

I don’t usually get this kind of tired, given that I have a very sedentary work style. Even daily exercises such as running don’t tire me out as much as they used to anymore. But, there are a few occasions where I feel drained at the end of the day, which results in a good night’s sleep.

The general recipe is something like so:

  1. Early wake up than usual
  2. Do some running
  3. Drive a lot (which requires constant attention)
  4. Little to no nap
  5. Back-to-back activities
  6. Unfamiliar settings

Below are a few examples:

Example 1:

  1. Went to sleep at 11 PM, and woke up at 4 AM
  2. Take Uber to the airport at 4:30 AM
  3. Take the 2-hour flight to SEA
  4. Get the rental car
  5. Drive 30 minutes to a friend’s place
  6. Hit the road again to a few parks and lakes
  7. Have lunch
  8. Stop at home to get a break
  9. Hit the road again for a beach
  10. Get dinner
  11. Arrive home at 10 PM
  12. Shower and mingles till 12 AM
  13. Exhausted

Example 2:

  1. Wake up at 5 AM
  2. Attend a 10K race and finish at 9 AM
  3. Have breakfast and take a shower
  4. Hit the road and visit Vy’s grandparents (maybe an hour’s drive)
  5. Hang out till 3 PM
  6. Hit the road again and go home
  7. Take a shower and go to a musical concert
  8. Attend the concert till 8 PM
  9. Head home
  10. Exhausted

Example 3:

  1. Wake up at 8 AM
  2. Do a 5K run
  3. Pack up and leave home around 10:30 AM
  4. Drive 6 hours to LA
  5. Arrive by 5 PM
  6. Take a break and hit the road to OC at 6:30 PM
  7. Have dinner and hang out till 8:00 PM
  8. Head home
  9. Sing karaoke till 11 PM
  10. Exhausted

Example 4 (not so exhausted):

  1. Wake up at 8 AM
  2. Do a 10K run
  3. Have breakfast.
  4. Take 1.5Hr Drive to Sausalito at 11 AM
  5. Hangout till 3 PM
  6. Another 1.5 Drive home
  7. Shower and short break
  8. Do errands
  9. Call time with parents
  10. Somewhat exhausted
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