Regrowing My Succulents

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This is long overdue but today I decided to trim and regrow the succulents that my wife brought me. I admit I have not been taking good care of them lately and I promised my wife I would do a better job from now on. It took about an hour to replace the soil (the old one was actually kinda gross!) and trimming the succulents. I checked out a couple of websites to make sure I trimmed correctly but one never knows. I hope they can grow back to their beautiful selves.

Succulents Look how small and cute they are now.

This makes me wonder: why do we procrastinate and put off things so much. I thought about doing this a long time ago but never got to do it. I am glad I did it today. This was actually quite a self meditative activity as I was so focused on the task. I should not put things off so much anymore.

I have been thinking lately about how to grow myself and do something new. Perhaps taking care of plants can be one of them. Unfortunately I do not have a lot of space to grow plants. How do one improve oneself? A part of me also wants me to take it easy and not force myself to do too much. I need to find a better balance between forcing myself to do things and doing things out of interest.

If you read this and remember that you are supposed to do something but have not, I hope you will finish it today.

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