Recommended Financial Tools

Jason Thai


Here is a list of my recommended financial tools that will enhance your experience of managing your finance:


  • Vanguard - Financial advisor and brokerage. In my opinion this is the best broker in the market for its low expense ratio funds.
  • Wealthfront* - If you prefer a more DIFM (Do it for me) investment, Wealthfront offers some excellent options of auto investment. It also offers a cash account with high APY compared to other alternatives.
  • Robinhood* - Commission-free investing app. You can purchase stocks for zero fee using the app.
  • Personal Capital - It is a free tool to manage and keep track of your investiments. You can also track your transactions, networth, asset allocation, retirement analysis and more.
  • Mint - It is another alternative to Personal Capital. It does not offer as many features as PC but less is more. The UI looks cleaner in my opinion.
  • YNAB* - If you prefer a more DIY budgeting tools, I highly recommend YNAB. The site also features some workshop to guide you more about budgeting.

*These are affiliate links and should you chose to do business with them, this blog will earn a small commission.

Other Resources

I hope these tools will also benefit you like they do for me. Managing finance is never easy but these tools hopefully will ease you into taking a more active role in doing it.