Self Reflection #1

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I’ve walked the paths many have walked.
I’m solving problems many people have solved.
I’m living in a house a few people have called home.

I do not grow the food I eat
Or make the clothes I wear
The technology that I use is invented by someone.

I once knew some people whose names I no longer remember.
I once knew some people who no longer exist.
I know some people with whom I’ve lost touch.
I know some people who no longer remember me.
I know some people that I’m hesitant to talk to.
Every now and then, I think of them and wonder if anyone still thinks of me.

There was once a large tree in front of my house.
It was much older than I am.
It is no longer here.
I think about it every now and then.
There is now a new baby tree to replace the old one.
It’s a bit tilted but I’m hoping it will grow strong just like its distant cousin.

I borrow a lot from nature
Things such as air, water, and light.
But I have not given much back to it yet
How long can I take these for granted
Before everything is taken away from me?

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