On Vy's Birthday

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Another year means another piece of poetry for you. I hope you enjoy this piece. On your birthday, I just want to say I’m grateful for your being with me, for who you are, and for the thoughts that you have shared with me. I’m lucky to be the one to listen to your stories, to be able to laugh along your side, and also to be able to see the tears from your eyes. There’s something that I’d like you to do starting now. That is to foster your inner child, to be able to grow inward and be in touch with your emotions. I hope you and I can do some soul-searching together and that we can become kids again!

A poem for your birthday

There once was a time
You and I were strangers
Some time passed by
Friends we became
A little more time went by
Lover we called each other
I ask myself
When enough time goes by
What will we be?

You are there
When I stumble and crumble
When I trip and fall
When I laugh and smile
When I’m hurt and cry
For that I thank you
For standing by me
For tagging along
The journey I’m on.

There once was a time
You and I were strangers
and did not know much
about who we were
But now here we are
Being next to each other
And I ask myself
What else could matter?

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