I bought a new domain

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Author: Jason Thai

Category: tech | Tags: #domain #curl #hsts

I purchased a new domain today https://jt0.dev/ and now I am wondering what to do with it. It is a bit backward because I should have planned for it first but oh well, the domain is short and contains my intials.

My list of domains are growing:

I’ve added this site to the HSTS Preload list so it will load in HTTPS by default.

I also learned how to retrieve a page size today using curl. Here’s an example:

# No compression
curl https://jasonthai.me -w '%{size_download}' -so /dev/null

# With compression
curl --compressed https://jasonthai.me -w '%{size_download}' -so /dev/null

I also replaced the favicon with an image of a tree! And it is smaller in size too!

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