My new philosophy on blogging

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Author: Jason Thai

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How it started

Lately, I found myself thinking about what this blog means to me. It all started a few years ago when I got interested in trying out Jekyll to build a static website. After setting up this site, I had the grand idea that someday it will gather a good number of readers, and perhaps I can monetize from my content. Boy was I wrong about this expectation. I set up web analytics to see the number of daily visits this site gathers. To tell the truth, I was a bit obsessed with it. Sometimes seeing the numbers made me tick in both good and bad ways. I also played around with setting up some ads on this site but soon I decided to get rid of them as I find seeing ads unpleasant. I also started writing more about tech, which I consider my niche because the topic is what I’m familiar with and exposed to in my daily work.

Where it goes from now

I still like writing about tech but now I consider these posts as a place I use for bookkeeping and that I can go back to reference them now and then. I also remove any form of analytics because the number of visitors is no longer relevant. I also want to start writing more content about myself and my experience with life in general. I’m interested in writing more about the exploration of my inner self and other hobbies of my besides work. Moving away from social platforms is perhaps another motivation for writing more content on this blog. Instead of putting updates on Facebook, I can write them here instead. I see the benefits of detaching while still being able to let my loved ones know what I am up to through these little notes that I write.

I guess this is how my mind is telling me to detox or that it has reached a new level of enlightenment. I just need to go with it.

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