On making the site color blind friendly

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Author: Jason Thai

Category: blog | Tags: #accessbility #design

Any color blind readers reading this post? How do you think about the colors in this page? I’ve recently updated the site to make it more accessible for users with vision deficiencies with the following changes:

This is not perfect because I don’t know if this works for everyone and also I may completely lack common sense in other accessiblity areas. Nevertheless, this is only the first attempt.

I have also spent some time at work on accessiblity and it is a hard problem. There are many things to consider like how to make the site accessible for blind users? What about keyboard accessibility? Is it intuitive enough?

You can read more about accessibility at WebAIM Millions and evaluate your site accessiblity at https://wave.webaim.org/

Let’s make the net a more accessibile place for everyone.

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