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TL;DR: My xbrowsersync service API can be accessed through:

Before using xBrowserSync, I do not have a good way of consolidating all my bookmarks. xBrowserSync helps me sync all my bookmarks across different browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Brave, etc.

After you have downloaded the extension for your browser, you can either use the default provided xbrowsersync service or you can update to my service in the setting:

xbrowsersync setting


xBrowserSync is a free and open-source alternative to browser syncing tools offered by companies like Google, Firefox, Opera and others. The project was born out of a concern for the over-reliance on services provided by big tech, who collect as much personal data as they can and have demonstrated that they do not respect their user’s privacy . Now, with the proliferation of open-source code and projects it’s easier than ever to create tools and services that allow users to take back control of their data!

xBrowserSync respects your privacy and gives you complete anonymity. No sign up is required and no personal data is ever collected. To start syncing simply download xBrowserSync for your desktop browser or mobile platform, enter an encryption password and click Create New Sync! You’ll receive an anonymous sync ID which identifies your data and can be used to access your data on other browsers and devices.

xBrowserSync does not only sync but also enhances your productivity by enriching your native browser bookmarks with the addition of descriptions and tags, and an intuitive search interface enables you to find, modify and share bookmarks quickly and easily. xBrowserSync even adds descriptions and tags to new bookmarks for you automatically. And don’t ever worry about losing your data thanks to the included back up and restore functionality.

The xBrowserSync desktop browser web extension syncs your browser data between desktop browsers. It works with the browser’s native bookmarking features so you can keep using the native tools whilst always staying in sync. If you like to organise your bookmarks into folders don’t worry, xBrowserSync respects your bookmark hierarchy and syncs it across your browsers.

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