Dear Wife!

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Dear wife,

It has been a week since you were here. How are you adjusting to this part of the world? Has the jet lag been forgiving? It still feels surreal to me that we are finally together after so long. I asked myself if this is real or I am still dreaming. The simple thought of spending time with you doing the most minute thing has finally become true. Do you remember this picture?


I can’t help but think about this picture when we were preparing for dinner together earlier. That gave me the biggest smile now that I think about it again. It is kinda funny to me that we were talking about such a deep topic earlier too haha.

Sorry we haven’t been to a lot of cool and fun places. I hope it is not too boring for you and let’s go explore together.


Let’s enjoy all the lost time that we couldn’t share with each other and make new memories where there will be both you and I.

Thanks for being with me!
From husband

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